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Substitute For
substitute for
6 of this state choose or nominate by ballot AN INDIVIDUAL FOR 7 public 9 any public A BALLOT ques8 tion lawfully submitted to them. (C) "NAME THAT WAS FORMALLY CHANGED" MEANS A NAME CHANGED BY 10 A PROCEEDING UNDER CHAPTER XI OF THE PROBATE CODE OF 1939, 1939 11 PA 288, MCL 711.1 TO 711.3, OR FORMER 1915 PA 314, OR THROUGH A 12 SIMILAR, STATUTORILY SANCTIONED PROCEDURE UNDER THE LAW OF 13 ANOTHER STATE OR COUNTRY. 14 16 746. 17 19 Sec. 31. (1) The secretary of state shall do all of the 18 .

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(substitute To
(substitute to
e) Once a person has been given approval by the Secretary regarding the grade and formula of a certain commercial fertilizer or soil additive, said approval shall not be required for other persons who also distribute the same commercial fertilizer or soil additive, but they shall be required to remit a label to the Department." Section 3.- A new Section 2-A is hereby added to Act No. 19 of May 8, 1973, as amended, to read as follows: "Section 2-A.- Introduction or importing to Puerto Rico of .

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10. The intent of this budget is to have the County’s external auditor report compliance of this Budget Resolution when so ordered by the Chair of the Finance, Audit & Budget Committee. ADOPTED by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, this _ day of _, _.

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. paper, I attempt a careful examination of the principle of substitutivity, sometimes referred to as ‘Leibniz’ Law’, or ‘Leibniz’ Principle of. several alleged counterexamples to the principle of substitutivity and discuss, separately, the supposed failures of substitutivity attributable to the paradoxes of intensionality. principle. Furthermore, I shall argue that a restricted version of Substitutivity may be true, and urge additional attempts to rescue this.

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