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Bilanz Der Tomatenproduktion - Diplomarbeit
bilanz der tomatenproduktion - diplomarbeit
This thesis presents a study of the environmental impacts of eight different tomato production systems in Austria, Spain and Italy based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) approach. The purpose was to identify the environmental impacts of tomatoes produced in different locations - Vienna and Burgenland in Austria, Almería in Spain and Puglia in Italy, which are sold in supermarkets in Vienna. Own research and data available in the computer model GEMIS were used to evaluate the CO2-emissions during cultivation.

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Bilanz Chancengleichheit Englisch Property Pdf Bereich Bmfsfj Sprache Rwb True
bilanz chancengleichheit englisch property pdf bereich bmfsfj sprache rwb true
AFGB Training Promotion Act BA Federal Employment Agency BBB Vocational Training Report BDA Confederation of German Employers’ Associations BDI Federation of German Industries BfA Federal Insurance Association for Salaried Employees BIBB Federal Institute for Vocational Training bga National Agency for Women Start ups Activities and Services BMAS Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs BMBF Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMFSFJ Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women.

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Bilanz Des 1. Imi-Calls Und Überblick Über Den 2.imi-Call 2009 Dr
bilanz des 1. imi-calls und Überblick Über den 2.imi-call 2009 dr
• IMI is a specific legal entity with a novel governing structure – Unique PPP using the Joint Technology Initiative model • IMI has a specific Intellectual Property Rights Policy – Balance of protection of IP of all participants and fast and broad dissemination of results. Support all organisations working on the development of new medicines • IMI has a specific call process – Research topics defined by industry addressing the highest needs – Strong industry commitment with industry contributing the same.

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Bilanz Pressekonferenz 2010
bilanz pressekonferenz 2010
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Suisse Forum 2011 Track Iig Bertrand Philipp
suisse forum 2011 track iig bertrand philipp
EMC IIG announced a new user experience for the Documentum platform with a modern interface and a robust yet intuitive way to configure Enterprise Content Management solutions. The new products take the complexity out of contentcentric solutions by providing a spreadsheet like approach to configuring purpose built solutions without the need for time-consuming customization. EMC IIG has acquired exclusive rights to technology assets from C6, a French ECM software provider and long-time partner, to advance .

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