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Semi-Formal And Formal Specification Techniques For Software Systems
semi-formal and formal specification techniques for software systems
.During the last 20 years several different formal and semi-formal specification techniques have been successfully developed and used. Applications ., automata, graph grammars for specifying concurrent and distributed behaviors to semi-formal software engineering methods such as UML which has become the. facto software engineering standard for developing large and complex systems. Formal and semi-formal approaches have their advantages and disadvantages: the informal diagrammatic.

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Formally Included Semi Formal Informally Included
formally included semi formal informally included
Language: english
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Formal And Semi-Formal Methods - Formal Verification Through Model
formal and semi-formal methods - formal verification through model
Language: english
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Semi-Formal Approach Modelling In-Vehicle Telematics Systems
semi-formal approach modelling in-vehicle telematics systems
., the development of IVTS calls for an approach, which combines formalized system’s modelling together with techniques to visualize different physical., we describe an approach, which is based on combining the semi-formal Unified Modelling Language (UML) together with a graphics-based IDE.

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Semi-Formal Models Support Program Development Citeseerx
semi-formal models support program development citeseerx
. transition from one node to the next can be described formally by a semantics-preserving program transformation or refinement. Conceptually.

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