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Yoga Vasishtha Maharamayana
yoga vasishtha maharamayana
PREFACE. In this age of the cultivation of universal learning and its investigation into the deep recesses of the dead languages of antiquity, when the literati of both continents are so sedulously employed in exploring the rich and almost inexhaustible mines of the ancient literature of this country, it has given an impetus to the philanthropy of our wise and benign Government to the institution of a searching enquiry into the sacred language of this land. And when the restoration of the long lost works .

Language: english
PDF pages: 3678, PDF size: 7.9 MB
Yoga: The Alpha And The Omega, Vol Centre For Yoga Studies
yoga: the alpha and the omega, vol centre for yoga studies
Language: english
PDF pages: 1548, PDF size: 5.75 MB
Yoga And Kriya With Kind Regards, And Prem
yoga and kriya with kind regards, and prem
Introduction Book I - Preparation Lesson 1 Topic 1 Kriya Yoga: An Introduction 2 Hatha Yoga: Jala Neti 3 .Asanas: Pre-Meditative Exercises 4 Pranayama: Breathing 5 T h e Art a n d Science of Relaxation Daily Practice P r o g r a m Lesson 2 Topic 1 Hatha Yoga: Danta Dhauti 2 Asanas: An Introduction 3 .Asanas: Rules and Preparations 4 Asanas: Practice 5 Asanas: Simple Meditative Asanas 6 Pranayama: Samaveta Pranayama T h e Root Cause of Tension > Relaxation: Shavasana (Part 2) Daily Practice Program

Language: english
PDF pages: 977, PDF size: 13.4 MB
Yoga—yoga Exercises—cleansing Ayurveda The Ancient Healing
yoga—yoga exercises—cleansing ayurveda the ancient healing
It quickly became a hit, especially with a special group of people with similar beliefs and worldview, yet they were little known to each other. Author, Marilyn Ferguson, was the publisher of a bi-monthly journal—Brain/Mind Bulletin (circulation 10,000) which encompassed research, theory, innovation relating to learning, health, psychiatry, psychology, states of consciousness, dreams, meditation and similar related subjects. Her position as editor and publisher brought her into contact with voluminous .

Language: english
PDF pages: 656, PDF size: 4.52 MB
Yoga Teachers Training Manual
yoga teachers training manual
.This manual is the official text of the Mastery of Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program. If you are not. explains how to use this manual to train yourself in yoga, meditation and pranayama. To those who are enrolled, welcome to the Mastery of Yoga Teacher's Training Program. This section will give you all. and MP3s that are online on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, and linked to from this manual. In order to complete.

Language: english
PDF pages: 649, PDF size: 5.48 MB
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