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sysmex ca 500 blood coadulation analyzer instruction manual
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kurzweil k1000 sound set user manual the sound set project
To better distinguish these files and make installation quicker, we have separated them by function and structured each sound set package in a consistent manner. After extracting the sound set .zip archive, the folders in the sound set package include: 01 Documentation 02 Sound Sets 03 House Styles 04 Playback Configurations 05 Manuscript Templates 06 Patches 07 Additional Resources 08 Previous Versions

Language: english
PDF pages: 27, PDF size: 1.33 MB
smart service manual sysmex
• • It is recommended to use firmware version v1.17 or higher To run an optional language package (excluding English/German) it is necessary to run firmware version v1.14 or higher: Warning! Due to a bug up to and including firmware version v1.18 it is strongly recommended to run v1.19. (Bug description: If number of measurement results exceed 94 the optional language package is deleted) The thermo-printer is supported starting at version v1.08. The barcode reader is supported starting at version v1.09.

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