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21) Al-Anbiya Tafsir Zilal Al-Quran
21) al-anbiya tafsir zilal al-quran
It is the same faith, even though many messengers have been sent to convey it to people: “Before your time We never sent a messenger without having revealed to him that there is no deity other than Me. Therefore, you shall worship Me alone.” (Verse 25) It is God’s will that all messengers were human beings: “Before your time, We never sent [as Our messengers] any but men whom We inspired.” (Verse 7) Just like faith is closely linked to major universal phenomena, the same applies to what the advocates of .

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Surah An-Nasr - Quran Tafsir.org - Free Quran And Hadith Books
surah an-nasr - quran tafsir.org - free quran and hadith books
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Sūrah Al-Baqarah Prologue Tafsir Zilal Al-Quran
sūrah al-baqarah prologue tafsir zilal al-quran
They are described as the ‘satans’ or ‘evil companions’ of the hypocrites; a description that says a great deal about their qualities and the nature of their role. They are dealt with in more detail later on in the sūrah. In delineating the features of these groups, the special characteristics of the Qur’ānic style are clearly displayed. Words are used as an artist uses lines and colours, and through them images slowly begin to take on shape and life. At the outset, in a few words and sentences, profiles .

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Sūrah Al-Nūr Prologue Tafsir Zilal Al-Quran
sūrah al-nūr prologue tafsir zilal al-quran
But let them pardon and forbear. Do you not desire that God should forgive you your sins? God is indeed Much-Forgiving, Merciful.’ (Verse 22) Abū Bakr said: ‘Yes, indeed. I do hope that God will forgive me my sins.’ He then resumed his support of Misţah, saying: ‘I will never stop my assistance to him.’ `Ā’ishah further mentions that the Prophet had asked another of his wives, Zaynab hint Jaĥsh, about her. She said: ‘Messenger of God! I want to protect my hearing and sight. By God, I have seen from her .

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Sūrah Al-Qaşaş Prologue Tafsir Zilal Al-Quran
sūrah al-qaşaş prologue tafsir zilal al-quran
It is as if the heavens rush to respond to Moses’ prayer: One of the two women then came back to him, walking shyly, and said: My father invites you, so that he might duly reward you for having watered our flock for us.” (Verse 25) It is a quick rescue granted by God. It comes in the form of an invitation sent by the old man, who wants to extend his hospitality to Moses for his noble action. The invitation is delivered by “one of the two’ who came walking shyly,’ as a virtuous young woman should walk, .

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