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teka-teki pt. 2
With the field thus limited it is not impossible to guess such riddles as the one above. This sound suggestion and love of assonance has been explained by Mr. Wilkinson (Papers on Malay Subjects. Malay Literature, Part I.). " A Malay wishing to make use of the proverb ' Let sleeping dogs lie ' might say ' Let weeping frogs cry ' and his meaning would be quite clear to the audience." Malays are exceedingly fond of puns, assonance, jingle and the like; and every kind of play upon words is to be .

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. in the 80 blank squares with the numbers 1 to 9 such that there is no repeat in every Row, Column. number Isikan 80 petak yang kosong dengan nombor 1 hingga 9 dengan syarat nombor tidak berulang setiap Baris, Lajur dan Blok.

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