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Tektonik New Social Onthology In The Time Of Total Communication
tektonik new social onthology in the time of total communication
I have been concerned with finding a manner of studying and theorizing globalization that does not mean the presumption of a global optic, a global observer. Because, that is an imperial move in a way, and certainly for the United States that presumption is alive and well. They do believe that they not only have to be global to understand the global, but that they can be global. And of course, in some ways they are. If we want to understand globalization, we need to position ourselves in some global sight.

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Anadolu Kenet Kuşaklarının Tektonik Ortamı Ve Gelişimindeki
anadolu kenet kuşaklarının tektonik ortamı ve gelişimindeki
Telesismik P alıcı fonksiyonları Doğu Anadolu Sismik Deneyi tarafından kaydedilen sismik verilerden hesaplandı ve aktif kıtasal kenet kuşağının kabuk ve manto yapısını belirlemek için kullanıldı. Bölgenin kabuk kalınlığı, P ve S dalga hızlarının oranı (Vp/Vs) kabuksal yansımalar kullanılarak haritalandı. Sonuçlar bölgede kabuk ve litosfer kalınlığının ince, en üst manto hızının düşük olduğunu göstermekte ve platonun sıcak astonosfer tarafından desteklendiği tezini doğrulamaktadır. Vp/Vs değişimleri, Kuzey.

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Exkursion Zur Vulkanologie Und Tektonik Des Oberrheingrabens
exkursion zur vulkanologie und tektonik des oberrheingrabens
Two geodynamic events affected the West-European plate during the Cenozoic: (1) the Alpine orogeny, which is related to convergence between the African and European plates, and which started during the Late Cretaceous and is still ongoing; (2) the opening of the European Cenozoic Rift System (ECRIS) that started during the Late Eocene (Fig. 1). The question of whether and how the Alpine orogeny and the opening of the ECRIS are related to each other are still debated. A variety of hypotheses for its origin.

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Çamlık Travertenlerindeki Kırık Sistemlerinin Tektonik Durumu
Çamlık travertenlerindeki kırık sistemlerinin tektonik durumu
ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to investigation of direction of tectonic regime by using crack systems on travertine in Burdur-Antalya basin. Achieve the goal of the paper the study area was preferred locates around the Çamlık Village, east of Bucak, where is between Burdur and Antalya. Outcrops of travertine can be observed around the study area is about 12 km2 and some travertine quarries are also operated in the area. In the study area, observed travertine have light yellow to brown colored and .

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