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The International Hydrological Decade (IHD)1965-74was launched by the General Conference of Unesco at i s thirteenth session to promote t international co-operationi research and studies and the training of spen cialists and technicians i scientific hydrology. Its purpose i to enable n s a l countries to make a fuller assessment of their water resources and a l more rational use of them as man’s demands for water constantly increase i face o developments in population, industry and agriculture. In 1974 n .

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ABSTRACT D’Orbigny, in 1846, received a collection of material made by Chevalier von Hauer from the Tertiary of the Vienna Basin with the request that he studies the foraminifera. D’Orbigny studied this material in Paris, kept a part of it, and returned the rest to von Hauer, who may have further sorted it into vials of his choosing. Some of the material was also redistributed to other museums and topotypes were also newly collected. Thus the status of four collections of foraminifera from the Vienna .

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1-11 ENTERTAINING: 1/ MALTA: Pippa’s Festa, Pippa Matei (Miranda) 2/ UK: The Extraordinary Cookbook, Stefan Gates (Kyle Cathie) 3/ NETHERLANDS: Smaakvrienden Groenten, Schmeinck (d’Jonge Hond) 4/ BELGIUM: Claudia Cooks for Friends, Claudia Allemeersch (Linkeroever) 1-12 FIRST BOOK: 1/ GERMANY: Baguette, Rainer Schillings (99 Pages) 2/ UAE: Chef at Home, Micheel Uwe (Micheel Uwe) 3/ TURKEY: Natali Recipes and Memories, NataliGökyay (NataliGökyay) 4/ USA: Lunch in Paris, Elizabeth Bard (Little Brown) 1-13 .

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