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The Construction News Texts Peace Analysis Sunday
the construction news texts peace analysis sunday
.This study examines the construction of news texts on peace and the peace process in the Democratic Republic .

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Comparison Teaching Tense Through Texts And Drills: Case
comparison teaching tense through texts and drills: case
. College Thonburi were taught by two different teaching methods, using texts and drills. They were tested by pre-test and post.

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Investigating Changing Notions 'Text': Comparing News Text
investigating changing notions 'text': comparing news text
., just like the phenomenon it studies - language. The analysis of texts from a structural linguistic perspective is also rapidly evolving. As. different genres and different analytic purposes. The production of electronic texts, which makes use of more than one mode of making. analysis and have challenged the perceived and traditional notions of text. It is necessary that we investigate how different notions of text have changed, not only because it is an important theoretical .

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Discourse Analysis Of News Texts By The Application Of Systemic
discourse analysis of news texts by the application of systemic
. of the validity of their respective argument. Although the two texts are from the same discourse domain (i.e. politics), they. various aspects of Systemic Functional Grammar, this paper analyzed the texts in terms of their communicative functionality: that is, how each. its particular evaluative position, and how its lexco-grammatical and text organizational choices serve to lend more or less covert support. can be in analyzing written discourse. Key words: discourse analysis, news texts, Systemic Functional Grammar

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San Dimas / La Verne Community News Text
san dimas / la verne community news text
“The Inland Valley‟s largest gain in the 2011 state assessment was by the Bonita Unified School District, which includes schools in San Dimas and La Verne.” - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Welcome back to the 2011-2012 school year. As we move into this new school year, it provides the perfect opportunity to stop, step back and say “Thank You” to our Bonita Unified School District staff, students, and parents for the tremendous progress that was made in virtually every classroom, campus, and office of the .

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