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Abstract An integrated approach to improve results in Digital Libraries is presented. This approach is made of a combination of OPAC records with web references, having a thesaurus as a back end and Dublin Core. It is argued that it can be concluded that users benefit more from an integrated approach combined with a thesaurus in terms of ease of access to information and satisfaction with the information obtained than from: Internet search through a directory-only approach; and a OPAC only approach of .

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manajemen keuangan bisnis (mkb)/cb-1 (rk). - long-term investment
a. The cost of the new asset is the purchase price. (Outflow)Installation costs are any added costs necessary to get an  asset into operation. (Outflow)Proceeds from sale of old asset are cash inflows resulting from  c Proceeds from sale of old asset are cash inflows resulting from the sale of an existing asset, reduced by any removal costs.  (Inflow)Tax on sale of old asset i i d T l f ld t is incurred when the replaced asset is  d h th l d ti sold due to recaptured depreciation, capital gain, or capital .

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manajemen perubahan pada rekayasa ulang proses bisnis
Our previous works demonstrate also that normalization across illumination, posture and expression could improve the quality even with a simple eigenface classifier [2]. Summarizing the accuracy of the detection system has a comparable or even a greater importance for real application. Furthermore, considering that real application relies on camera presence, we need to manage video streaming instead of static images. Considering this environment, the percentage of detection in a single image has little .

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