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perkembangan teori kota kontemporer home universitas islam
6. Traditional Neighborhood Structure • Discernable center and edge; Public space at center • Importance of quality public realm; public open space designed as civic art • Contains a range of uses and densities within 10-minute walk • Transect planning: Highest densities at town center; progressively less dense towards the edge. The transect is an analytical system that conceptualizes mutually reinforcing elements, creating a series of specific natural habitats and/or urban lifestyle settings. The Transect .

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konsep dan teori pemangku kepentingan csr indonesia
• Stakeholders are persons or groups who are directly or indirectly affected by a project, as well as those who may have interests in a project and/or the ability to influence its outcome, either positively or negatively. • Stakeholders may include locally affected communities or individuals and their formal and informal representatives, national or local government authorities, politicians, religious leaders, civil society organizations and groups with special interests, the academic community, or other .

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7 bab ii landasan teori a. beberapa konsep tentang kemiskinan
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