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en 30.12.2006 official journal of the european union l 401/1
The requirements concerning the essential composition of infant formulae and follow-on formulae should include detailed provisions on the protein content. Notwithstanding that traditionally different appropriate conversion factors have been used for the calculation of the protein content from the nitrogen content of different protein sources, recent scientific advice indicates that for the specific purposes of calculating the protein content of infant formulae and follow-on formulae it is appropriate to .

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aquesta tesi ser llegida dia ..
For a deeper review of this type of models, the reader is referred to [Elices et al., 2002]. They were introduced in the early sixties by [Dugdale, 1960] and [Barenblatt, 1962]. The extension to the study of failure in concrete can be found in [Hillerborg et al., 1976]. The basic idea is to introduce a discontinuity interface governed by a tractionseparation law within the solid when certain failure criterion is fulfilled. Discrete crack models have been related to the use of interface elements that allow .

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2001l0016 — en — 30.04.2004 — 001.001 — 1 b m1 directive 2001/16
In order to enable citizens of the Union, economic operators and regional and local authorities to benefit to the full from the advantages deriving from the establishing of an area without internal frontiers, it is appropriate, in particular, to improve the interlinking and interoperability of the national rail networks as well as access thereto, implementing any measures that may prove necessary in the field of technical standardisation, as provided for in Article 155 of the Treaty. By signing the .

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