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Wave Propagation In Discrete Media - Mathematical Biology
wave propagation in discrete media - mathematical biology
Received: 3 July 2000 / Revised version: 17 April 2001 / Published online: 7 December 2001 – c Springer-Verlag 2001 Abstract. We have considered infinite systems of nonlinear ODEs on the one-dimensional integer lattice which describes the activity in an excitatorily coupled network of excitable cells. For an ideal nonlinearity, we calculated the speed of propagation of an activity and derived the condition for its existence. We also studied the existence and stability of the traveling wave solution and .

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Lattice Model Foam Flow Porous Media: Duke Biology
lattice model foam flow porous media: duke biology
. form: 9 December 1991) Abstract. Because fluid flow in porous media is opaque to most observational techniques simulations of the processes occurring in porous media have become important. Typical reservoir simulations treat the flow as. in a network of these spaces and channels of porous media. Saturation and relative permeability curves are obtained using well-known.

Language: english
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Biological Principles Of Control - Mit Media Lab
biological principles of control - mit media lab
c This paper presents a contribution to the study of control law structures and to the selection of relevant sensory information for humanoid robots in situations where dynamic balance is jeopardized. In the example considered, the system first experiences a large disturbance, and then by an appropriate control action resumes a “normal” posture of standing on one leg. In order to examine the control laws used by humans, an experiment was performed in which a human subject was subjected to perturbations and .

Language: english
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Media: Beardsisb.pdf - Strong Inference For Systems Biology
media: beardsisb.pdf - strong inference for systems biology
., on his assessment of the rapid progress made in molecular biology and theoretical physics in the middle part of the twentieth.

Language: english
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Media And Matrices For Stem Cell Biology Sigma-Aldrich
media and matrices for stem cell biology sigma-aldrich
The second generation of Sigma’s hematopoietic stem cell expansion media family, Stemline II, has been developed to optimize the balance. II has also demonstrated higher capacity than other commercially available media for the expansion of CD34+/ CD38+ late progenitors required for short-term engraftment. Human cord blood cells expanded in Stemline Media demonstrate impressive self-renewal when transplanted into immunodeficient NOC/SCID.

Language: english
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