The Mousetrap By Agatha Christie

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the secret adversary, agatha christie
Starting with a cheap clothing store, and passing through one or two second-hand establishments, she had finished the day at a well-known hairdresser's. Now, in the seclusion of her bedroom, she unwrapped that final purchase. Five minutes later she smiled contentedly at her reflection in the glass. With an actress's pencil she had slightly altered the line of her eyebrows, and that, taken in conjunction with the new luxuriant growth of fair hair above, so changed her appearance that she felt confident that.

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agatha christie complete short stories miss marple
"A very fishy story," said Sir Henry Clithering gravely. "There are, of course, all kinds of possible explanations," said Miss Marple, her cheeks growing slightly pinker with excitement. "For instance, somebody else-" "My dear Aunt," said Raymond West with some amusement, "I didn't mean that sort of village incident. I was thinking of murders and disappearances-the kind of thing that Sir Henry could tell us about by the hour if he liked." "But I never.

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agatha christie the secret adversary
I The Young Adventurers, Ltd. II Mr. Whittington’s Offer III A Set Back IV Who Is Jane Finn? V Mr. JuliusHersheimmer VI A Plan of Campaign VII The House in Soho VIII The Adventures of Tommy IX Tuppence Enters Domestic Service X Enter Sir James Peel Edgerton XI Julius Tells a Story XII A Friend in Need XIII The Vigil XIV A Consultation XV Tuppence Receives a Proposal XVI Further Adventures of Tommy XVII Annette XVIII The Telegram XIX Jane Finn XX Too Late XXI Tommy Makes a Discovery XXII In Downing Street .

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