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Grmn 252* Bernhard Schlink The Reader
grmn 252* bernhard schlink the reader
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Bernhard Schlink
bernhard schlink
It was damaging for their defense, but also her own. In fact the evidence itself was favorable to the defendants. The only evidence for the main count of the indictment was the testimony of the mother who had survived, her daughter, and the daughter’s book. A competent defense would have been able, without attacking the substance of the mother’s and daughter’s testimony, to cast reasonable doubt on whether these defendants were the actual ones who had done the selections. Witnesses’ testimony on this point.

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Revising '68: Bernhard Schlink'S Der Vorleser, Peter Schneider'S
revising '68: bernhard schlink's der vorleser, peter schneider's
. first engaging with and then obfuscating the Nazi past – that Schlink actually hews closely to a practice common in the rhetoric. destined to elicit revulsion rather than the warm embrace accorded Schlink's protagonist.

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A Novel By Bernhard Schlink
a novel by bernhard schlink
.The Reader (Der Vorleser) is an award-winning novel by German law professor and judge Bernhard Schlink. lt was published in Germany in.

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Authority And Obedience In Bernhard Schlink'S Der Vorleser And Die
authority and obedience in bernhard schlink's der vorleser and die
. of SS-guards through the medium of an illiterate woman, Schlink’s novel Der Vorleser (1995) attracted a mainly stern critical. in America in the years following World War II. Although Schlink maintains he did not intend Die Heimkehr as a sequel. former Nazi collaborator. At the centre of both novels is Schlink’s portrayal of the nature of obedience to authority, uncovering. more realistic picture of obedience to authority. In Die Heimkehr, Schlink’s authority figure is an American University professor who uses.

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