Tiller Model 917 299080 Manual

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., self-contained portable (transportable) version of the popular TRS-SO Model 4 Microcomputer. It provides a carrying/protective case which has. manual storage are provided inside the removable cover/base. All connections to peripheral equipment are made at the rear of the Model. the computer. The Model 4P is 100% compatible with all Model III and Model 4 disk software. System capability for Model III compatibility includes. 16-line display, and full 4SK Random Access Memory (RAM). Model 4 compatibility includes: ZSOA CPU, 4 MHz operation, memorymapped keyboard.

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.-3378/G (STELMA MODEL DMS 303A) (NSN 6625-00-214-8420) REPORTING OF ERRORS You can improve this manual by recommending improvements. DA Forms 2028-2 (Test) in the back of your manual, use the standard DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications. case a reply will be furnished direct to you. This manual is an authentication of the manufacturer’s commercial literature which. data required to operate and maintain this equipment. Since the manual was not prepared in accordance with military specifications and AR.

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