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. Of these stones, five first appeared in Esquire: "The Things They Carried," "How to Tell a True War Story,". first published, in different form, in The Quarterly. "The Things They Carried appeared in The Best American Short Stones 1987. "Speaking.

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. into those debates here, except where they touch upon Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried. That O’Brien is a writer of distinction is undeniable. tribute that preface the Broadway Books 1998 edition of The Things, are indicative of the centrality of the Vietnam stories he. noticed the connections between truth, memory, and fiction that O’Brien weaves so well.

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., also writing for the New York Times, said of The Things They Carried, “The publisher calls the book a work of fiction, but. considered a novel.”3 Many critics have noted that O’Brien’s works have no plots in the conventional sense of. purposes in this essay are to examine O’Brien’s Vietnam War novel The Things They Carried and to suggest a connection between the. of folklore by demonstrating their firsthand knowledge of the lore they depicted in their works.

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INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried (1990) is considered one of the finest books about the . fire, pull body parts out of a tree, laugh while they tell their stories to each other, and fall silent when. O'Brien's own experiences. The title story describes what the soldiers must lug with them—both literally and figuratively—as they march: food, canteens, flak jackets, and weapons, as well as grief, terror, secrets, and memories. In another story, O'Brien.

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