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Ton Blue Phoenix Mechanical
ton blue phoenix mechanical
Language: english
PDF pages: 470, PDF size: 11.85 MB
Ton Skid Mount Ecu Drash
ton skid mount ecu drash
Language: english
PDF pages: 386, PDF size: 5.76 MB
Ton 4x2 Truck Army Combined Arms Center And Fort
ton 4x2 truck army combined arms center and fort
The manual is divided into two parts. Part One, section I through section VII, gives vehicle operating instructions. Part Two, section VIII through section XXXIII, gives vehicle maintenance instructions to using arms personnel charged with the responsibility of doing maintenance work within their jurisdiction.In all cases where the nature of the repair, modifications, or adjustment is beyond the scope or facilities of the unit, the responsible ordnance service should be informed so that trained personnel .

Language: english
PDF pages: 271, PDF size: 7.17 MB
¼-"ton 4 x 4 tru:ck'
. of this materiel.In addition to a description of the ¼%-ton 4 x 4 Truck (WillysOverland model MB and Ford GPW.

Language: english
PDF pages: 243, PDF size: 4.04 MB
%-Ton 4x4 Truck (willys-Overland Modelmb And Hq5
%-ton 4x4 truck (willys-overland modelmb and hq5
3 DESCRIPTION AND TABULATED DATA Weights: Road, including gas and water Gross (loaded) Shipping (less water and fuel) Boxed gross Maximum pay load Maximum trailed load Ground clearance Pintle height (loaded) Kind and grade of fuel (octane rating) Gasoline (68 mm) Approach angle Departure angle Shipping dimensions—cubic feet —square feetPerformance. Maximum allowable speeds (mph) with transfer case in “HIGH” range: High gear (3rd) 65 Intermediate gear (2nd) 41 Low gear (1st) 24 Reverse gear . 18 Maximum .

Language: english
PDF pages: 242, PDF size: 14.13 MB
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