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donald henry gaskins, jr.
•That same year, the Trouble Trio got in trouble at church for peeping on the girls in the women’s outhouse. They were given beatings from their parents but Pee Wee stated that he was not sad for what they did but sad that they were caught. •At fifteen, with the help of Danny’s father, the Trouble Trio began breaking into homes throughout the area and they would sell whatever they stole at local yards. With their earnings the boys were able to buy their own car and would drive to Fort Jackson or Columbia, .

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no. 31326 state of west virginia v. tony dean arbaugh, jr. davis
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the district court appeal tony evans, jr., not final until
Our decision is the latest in an unbroken line of precedent holding that hearsay testimony (not falling within some exception to the rule excluding hearsay) does not, by itself, meet the state’s burden at an adversary preliminary hearing under Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.133(b). See, e.g., StephensonRice, 574 So. 2d 286, 287 (Fla. 2d DCA 1991) (“Since there was no other corroborative testimony presented, the hearsay testimony was insufficient The writ of habeas corpus is issued with directions .

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