Umdatul Ahkam

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Ahkam Us-Salat Yimg
ahkam us-salat yimg
Taking away of Al-Hadath and the removal of the impurity is done using free water. Free water is water that, in its bare form, does not necessitate any extra explaining to define it; or in other words, what is sufficient to simply be defined as water. This includes the water of the oceans, the skies and what springs out of the earth. As for the water of the oceans, Rasool Allah (saw) said regarding it: ―It (the ocean) is the one whose water is (tahoor) purifying‖ the water of the skies, such as the water .

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Ahkam-E-Khamsa Islamic Laws
ahkam-e-khamsa islamic laws
One day his father brought home a brand new automatic washing machine. The whole family was excited Anis said to his mother: “Can we wash it under the shower so it becomes shiny?” “I am afraid not, my dear” replied his mom. “The Instruction Manual says you cannot wash it directly under water, but can wipe it with soaked cloth” Anis was surprised. “What is an Instruction Manual, and why do we follow it. Can’t we think ourselves what is good for the machine and what is not?” “No my dear”, replied his mom. “.

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Kashaful Ahkam Islamic Books, Islamic Movies, Islamic Audio, All
kashaful ahkam islamic books, islamic movies, islamic audio, all
I am thankful to all the members of my family and all those friends who have helped me immensely in the publication of this book. I specifically would like to thank Syed Aftab Hussain Rizvi, Syed Irfan Ali Shah, Khurram Abbas, Gul Hasan Solangi, and Abbas Haider who all worked so hard day and night making this task that was impossible for me to do alone become possible. I am unable to repay them for all of their efforts. Masoomeen (as) will reward them for all they have done. Verily, Their blessings are .

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Falsafe Ahkam
falsafe ahkam
According to the principles of Islam , this introduces Allah in this way: He is such an existence , which has infinite knowledge and wisdom and He is independent from all things and persons . All His acts are based on wisdom , whether we understand it or not . His acts never include any foolishness or meaninglessness and He has sent the Prophets for teaching , training and inviting the people towards truth and justice . The introduction of Allah in such a way encourages us to question about the Islamic .

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Level Ahkam
level ahkam
If the foundation gives way, then the whole building will collapse. In the same way, the Wajib acts of Salaat are divided into two categories: Rukn and Ghayr Rukn. Rukn means those parts of the Salaat which are its foundation. Ghayr Rukn means these parts of the Salaat which are not considered as its foundation. EXERCISE 23: INTRODUCTION TO SALAAT (SALAAT) Do this exercise with your parents using the Risala (Islamic Laws)What does the Risala say about Rukn acts of Salaat? _ _ _What does the Risala say .

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