Undang Undang Nomor 23 Tahun 2004 Manual

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55-1520-236-23-3 Liberated Manuals
55-1520-236-23-3 liberated manuals
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55-1520-228-23-1 Liberated Manuals
55-1520-228-23-1 liberated manuals
FUELING AND DEFUELING When refueling helicopter, the refueling vehicle or forward air refueling unit must be parked a minimum of 20 feet from the helicopter. Before starting the fueling operation, always insert fueling nozzle grounding chain of fuel truck ground wire into GROUND HERE receptacle located on the right side of the helicopter aft of the cabin area. When defueling, turn off all electrical switches and disconnect external power from the helicopter. The helicopter must be electrically grounded .

Language: english
PDF pages: 1115, PDF size: 12.93 MB
1-2840-252-23-1 Liberated Manuals
1-2840-252-23-1 liberated manuals
Language: english
PDF pages: 951, PDF size: 13.94 MB
5-3805-261-23-2 Liberated Manuals
5-3805-261-23-2 liberated manuals
Language: english
PDF pages: 669, PDF size: 7.12 MB
R8c/22, R8c/23 Group Hardware Manual
r8c/22, r8c/23 group hardware manual
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