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Vanessa Liston Phd 2008
vanessa liston phd 2008
This study contributes to the general question of whether the democratic functioning of civil society organisations is a necessary condition for building a democratic political culture. Specifically, it empirically tests the effect of internal governance structures of non-governmental organisations in Kenya on employees’ political attitudes and behaviour. Current literature is characterized by a debate on the contribution of civil society to democratisation (Diamond, 1999; Bratton & de Walle, 1997; .

Language: english
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Vanessa Cave Phd Thesis.pdf - Digital Research Repository
vanessa cave phd thesis.pdf - digital research repository
.I, Vanessa Marion Cave, hereby certify that this thesis, which is approximately .

Language: english
PDF pages: 285, PDF size: 4.11 MB
Vanessa Smashwords
vanessa smashwords
Her dorm had its usual hum of activity with fifty-eight young women doing things that blended into a comfortable ‘white noise’. This was no homogeneous lot, like the two-dimensional frats or sororities (why didn’t sorority have a nick-name like ‘frat’, she thought, then she guessed that no woman wanted to belong to a ‘sore’). Like high school, there were those here who studied to make something of their futures and make their parents proud of them. There were others at the other end of the wide spectrum .

Language: english
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Vanessa Watt Glasgow Theses Service University Glasgow
vanessa watt glasgow theses service university glasgow
Methods: A systematic search strategy was undertaken to identify studies which investigated the effects of MI on glycaemic control in individuals with diabetes. The articles were then screened using a priori inclusion criteria, which resulted in a total of 12 studies being included within the review. Results: Motivational Interviewing was found to be superior in improving glycaemic control than a comparison/control group in some, but not all, of the included studies. In those studies which reported .

Language: english
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Vanessa Wei Feng Department Computer Science University
vanessa wei feng department computer science university
The argumentation scheme classification system that we present in this paper introduces a new task in this field. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to classify arguments into argumentation schemes automatically. Given the text of an argument with premises and conclusion identified, we classify it as an instance of one of five common schemes, using general features and other features specific to each scheme, including lexical, syntactic, and shallow semantic features. We achieve accuracies .

Language: english
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