Zbatime Te Ligji Te Terheqjes Se Gjithesishme

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Al~~te 2aedionr Se/fled Ibew
al~~te 2aedionr se/fled ibew
lleretofore labor has too ofteln been inore&. If thile future is to he one of hope, labor must take its rightful place." (c) Trade unions have been compelled to resort to a certaiin measure of partisan politial action to preserve their legislative gains. Furthermore, there is a stlong possibility, if not probability, that labor ill come to be regarded more and more as a quasipolitical body, and as such be subjected to a greater amount of governmerllal pegulation of its activities than hitherto, .

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Rezultatet E Monitorimit Te Cilesise Se Ajrit Urban Per Vitin 2008
rezultatet e monitorimit te cilesise se ajrit urban per vitin 2008
0.1 One of the first Hot Spot project activities was to assess and analyze levels of national capacities regarding Hot Spot management and remediation, compliance and enforcement with regard to laws and regulations in Albania. The assessment report on current legal structures and resources available to environmental institutions, state agencies and inspectorates is compiled by the support of numerous experts of different levels. Numerous interviews with different actors of national and local level are .

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Strategjia E Zhvillimit Të Komunës Së Preshevës 2005-2015
strategjia e zhvillimit të komunës së preshevës 2005-2015
Following the diagnosis of the situation, problems and development opportunities, needs and competitive advantages, we have directed our activities towards defining the development policy of Presevo municipality. It includes the design of the vision and mission of the municipality, the strategic goals of the municipality, as well as the strategic issues in the local – economic strategy, development of infrastructure and institutional development. In order to discuss the growth and development of Presevo .

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Shkencave Inxhinierike Dhe Të Teknologjisë Së Takimi 2012
shkencave inxhinierike dhe të teknologjisë së takimi 2012
TAKIMI I SHTATË VJETOR I INSTITUTIT ALB-SHKENCA 7TH ANNUAL MEETING OF INSTITUTE ALB-SHKENCA Shkup, 29-31 gusht, 2012 Shkup, August 29-31, 2012 29.08.2012, E mërkure/Wednesday Seanca Plenare e Takimit Hoteli Alaxander Palace 8.00-10.00 10.00-11.00 Regjistrimi i pjesëmarrësve; Hapja solemne - Fjalë përshëndetëse (Zeqirja Neziri, kryetar i KO ) Niko Qafoku, drejtori i IASH-it Përshëndetje nga kryetaret e Degëve gjeografike:Maci dhe Sh. Hoxha Përshëndetje nga zv/kryeministri Musa Xhaferi; kryetari i komunës .

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Strategjia E Zhvillimit Ekonomik Të Komunës Së Kaçanikut
strategjia e zhvillimit ekonomik të komunës së kaçanikut
The Municipality of Klina was competitively selected for participation in the ‘Developing Enterprises Locally Through Alliance and Action’ (DELTA) project, which aims to enhance municipal capacities for SME Development. DELTA is a joint initiative of the World Bank Group and the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI), which is a network program of the Open Society Institute (OSI). The drafting of the strategy for local economic development by the Municipality of Klina is a key .

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