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"homecoming" adapted from the short story "death zen 134237
A number San Franciscans on their lunch hour are lined up under a sign that reads: EARLY VOTING HERECheck in with Registrar (ID REQUIRED)Read Printed InstructionsCast Ballot Here -> Another line is waiting at the Registrar’s Desk, which is laid out like a series of tellers’ windows at a bank. A CITY OFFICIAL directs traffic to and from VOTING BOOTHS in b.g. Everything is proceeding in an orderly fashion until: HEADS TURN at the sound of a SHRIEK. There appears to be some kind of commotion in the .

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Short Stories - Volume Iv
short stories - volume iv
He was on familiar terms with every one one, made matches, patched up quarrels, arranged picnics at which he cooked shashlik and an awfully good soup of grey mullets. He was always looking after other people's affairs and trying to interest about something. The general opinion about him was that he was without faults of character. He had only two weaknesses: he was ashamed of his own expression and an assumed gruffness; and he liked his assistants and his soldiers to call him "Your Excellency," .

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Short Stories For English Courses
short stories for english courses
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Short Stories - Volume Iii
short stories - volume iii
It was a sultry, languidly dreary day of August. Our eyes were glued together, and our mouths were parched clouds of dust to meet us; one did not want to look or speak or think, and when our drowsy driver, a Little Russian called Karpo, swung his whip at the horses and lashed me on my cap, I did not protest or utter a sound, but only, rousing myself from halfslumber, gazed mildly and dejectedly into the distance to see whether there was a village visible through the dust. We stopped to feed the horses in a.

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Short Stories And Selections For Use The Secondary Pdfbooks.co.za
short stories and selections for use the secondary pdfbooks.co.za
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